Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The medium is the message..

Hello there!
What's been going on in 'Camp Fresh Eyes'?
Well, we've made a video for a start! Check it!

It's for 'Blue Harbour', a song that's been around for a while but we've re-recorded it for the new EP. Which has been mastered. So it will see the light of day! (Sometimes I wonder if it is our Chinese Democracy.)

Also, we're playing the Waterfront Festival on 23rd June at the Canalhouse in Nottingham, onstage around 8.50 on the downstairs stage. I'm carrying a slight foot injury (kids, don't deadlift when wearing Nike Airs) but hopefully that'll have cleared up by then. Onwards!

Monday, 16 January 2012

"Why do you guys always take your shirts off?"

It's a question that's been asked a few times.. most recently on our Facebook page. Firstly, I should point out that we don't always take our shirts off, though to be fair it's more often than not. Anyway, we've all written responses to this particular question:-

"Because it gets warm and I don't want a sweaty shirt, its mildly restricting to play in and i'm from Mansfield where there is an old tradition to greet people by waggling your nipples at people the others just followed suit cos am sooooo cool. I hope this answers your question...yours faithfully Carl 'the renegade' Reynolds"

"There is nothing more irritating than the chafe of a shirt on your armpit under hot lights whilst lifting your arm up and down, hitting your strings as hard and fast as you can. Removing said shirt makes the process a lot more enjoyable, helps keep the body cooler, and helps create a better pyschoactive connection between musician and instrument."

"It's not all the time! Strangely, we didn't in Mansfield on tour, though we were playing outside. It's actually much more comfortable to play shirtless, and not be stuck with a very sweaty shirt, especially if it's a grey one, which looks horrible. It's genuinely quite yucky having damp fabric clinging to you.
From a domesticated perspective- saves having to take a spare top, and means less washing!
Additionally, one song has a break down that sounds a bit nu-metal, but our skinny torsos are a reminder we're not a bunch of nu-metal chubsters."

"Definitely a heat/comfort thing. In fact it's amazing how much of a difference it makes not wearing a shirt. I remember playing some gigs at the chameleon back in 2010 or whenever and my hair would be dripping at the end of it. At that point we we're probably a bit modest as well, but when Carl joined the band and was shirtless all the time anyway i thought fuck it.
Also keen Fresh Eyes followers will notice I have hardly any clothes, so it saves on washing and I don't have to look at photos of myself in the same shirt all the time."

So there you have it! It's mostly a comfort based thing. We heartily recommend trying it.

Fresh Eyes

p.s. We've got a bunch of shows to announce soon, keep yr eyes peeled!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Post-tour videos!

Cheers to John from Liberation pact for editing together a tour diary from all the gubbins that was filmed over that week and a half!
For your convenience I thought I'd annotate 'highlights'-

1:04 - Definitely a 'sign' of a recession
2:02 - Rich explains Hotel Yorba
3:11 - Si and the Vengaboys
4:38 - Portaloo of Doom
5:32 - SOMEONE saw Dev from Coronation Street

0:55 - Anthemic Singalong
2:09 - Tampax Attacks
2:39 - The truth about the world economy
2:50 - This charming barman
3:50 - Comparing haircuts
5:00 - Speedy packing
7:13 - Something witty

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A big thanks..

We're back from tour! It was loads of fun. Thanks to everyone that put us on, came out to see us, gave us space to sleep, bought our CDs and said they enjoyed it. Also a big thanks to our buddies Liberation Pact.

We'll see you again soon at Orangefest on Saturday 19th, with a host of other Nottingham talent.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Tour Tour Tour Tour!

As any of you who follow us on the other social media (Look! That facebook button to the right of the page!) may know that we're heading out on tour with our buddies Liberation Pact very soon!

If you want latest updates- follow us (well, in reality, it's Nick) on twitter!

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Sound of Giant Amps

We're playing next Saturday 23rd July at Amp-Fest at the Maze in Nottingham, "main support*" on the second stage so around 10ish? That gives you people lots of time to drink before and find your dancing feet.
There's LOADS of bands playing, and it's only £3.. (There's about 30 acts playing, so that's about 10p a band? Even if there's only 3 you like, that's a quid, which in todays 'market'** is still pretty good.)
Facebook event is here.
If you're not sure where the Maze is, it's on Mansfield Road past about 20-odd boarded up hairdressers, by the Cemetery.
Hope to see you there, I think this'll be our last Nottingham show for a bit, as we've played in these parts as much as we can and I imagine you're all sick of us now!
On the other hand, if you're from somewhere else and would like us to play a show, please email us (fresheyesforthedeadguy@googlemail.com) and we'll sort something out!


*Not sure this is an actual position, but it makes us feel important for once.
** I have just punched myself in the face for using the term market to describe anything other than a physical collection of retailers of various goods. Like, does anyone know what the 'Stock Market' actually is? I've never known anyone who has seen it. I think it's people buying/selling stuff that DOESN'T ACTUALLY EXIST, like chumps who pay money for swords from World of Warcraft on ebay.

It's sort of like summer, but a bit damper..

Hey all,
Thanks of those of you that turned out to see us at 'On an Island', I think some of the songs from that set we'll keep.
This is a video of one of the songs- warning- something is feedbacking throughout so it sounds a bit disorientating!

Cheers to Paul Lockton for shooting the video!